Concha Marcos

Sociologist and simultaneous translator by mistake, PR by vocation, Concha is an inveterate traveler, loves gastronomy, deco, theatre and classical music, is passionate about opera and, of course, her two French Bulldogs. Concha has been working on this field since 1988, when she began to work for British Airways in Spain, after which, in 1992, she established her first PR agency. She has been managing the communication of companies, associations and brands related to tourism, fashion, gastronomy, wine & distillates, and more recently, classical music and theatre for more than 25 years. Besides the general supervision of the agency, Concha also deals with the strategy and supervision of the work developed for clients.


Aida Casamayor
Account Director

Vocational business journalist, gastronomy lover, self – thought tech and compulsive observer, Aida arrived by chance to the world of communication at the beginning of her career and decided to stay in it more than 10 years ago. After a brief passage through business and financial publications, her whole professional career has developed at Bridge, working for clients from the touristic, gastronomic and advertising sector. As Account Director, she is responsible for the development of strategic plans and the daily management and supervision of the relationship between the media and the clients that trust Bridge.

Catalina Soriano
Account Director

Journalist with broad experience in communication and PR, she did a temporary and geographical parenthesis in her career living in Chile for several years, where she took part in some projects focused on strategic communication and market analysis, working for both public and private companies. Back in Spain, she resumed her work linking journalists and media with companies, sectors and people who have something interesting to talk about. All of this in an environment that becomes more participative and dynamic everyday ,  where classic formats, social networks and agile formats compete, collaborate, but also are mixed and overlapped at the same time. Since she joined Bridge, she has been working for different accounts related to mass consumption brands (wines, distillates and food), gastronomy, hotels and cultural projects.

Marisa Herranz
Account Director

Journalist passionate about contemporary art, nonstop traveler, enthusiastic of the Victorian novel and French culture. She has a wide professional path with more than 15 years of experience in press department, communication and PR agency and mass media. She is specialized in Communication and Public Relations and has mainly developed her work in lifestyle, fashion, high culture and art. Since she joined Bridge in 2013, she has managed customer accounts from diverse areas like distillates, gastronomy, deco, and also cultural drafts planning and creating communication plans, press office services and all kind of relationships with media.

Coral del Pozo
Account Executive

Journalist, passionate about cinema and reading, Coral really enjoys musicals and Japanese food. Because of her vocation, she began her professional career in the communication industry and decided to grow in it. Coral has developed her career in Public Relations in different agencies working for several clients (both national and international). She has worked as an account executive at Bridge for eight years developing communication actions for different brands as Campari, Hotel Villa Magna and advertising agencies, among others.

Amaya Martínez
Account Executive

Amateur photographer, traveler, passionate about sports and rock and roll lover. Major in Social Communication and Journalism with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication. During her professional career, developed mostly in Colombia, she worked at Caracol Radio (Prisa Group), planning and producing radio programs such as La Ventana and Hoy x Hoy. She then worked as a copywriter at an advertising agency, and later served as an Account Executive at one of Colombia’s largest media and PR agencies, working for pharmacists, NGOs, mining companies, and multilateral organizations. As Account Executive at Bridge she works for clients such as Leo Burnett, Sra. Rushmore, Ogilvy & Mather and important international spirit brands.

Lucía Barroso
Account Executive & Social Media

Journalist, passionate about contemporary art, nonstop traveler, enthusiastic of the Victorian novel and French culture. She has a wide professional path with more than 15 years of experience in press departments, mass media and communication and PR agencies. She is specialist in communication and public relations and has focused her career in lifestyle, fashion, culture and art areas. Since she joined Bridge in 2013, she has managed accounts from diverse sectors such as distillates, gastronomy, deco, and also cultural projects planning and creating communication plans, press office services and media relations.

Pilar Jaraba

Pilar was very young when she started working as administration, accounting and HR staff for different companies dedicated to varied activity. After more than 30 years active, she has never stopped improving her education, focused the most on accounting and taxes update. She alternates his current job in Bridge with several trips to exotic destinies, one of her biggest passions which have had to be parked temporally because of the birth of her only daughter, and now they travel together. Pilar really feels devotion for reading, films and deco, some hobbies she combines with rural escapes if the weather is good.